P M F Winter Fellowship Camp

P M F Winter Fellowship

This is a one-day workshop for parents and children which aims to guide 12-14 year olds as they progress towards higher education and provide motivational inputs to their parents to cope with the challenges ahead. This is conducted in various cities in country and abroad.

About the Program:

The PMF Winter Fellowship targets students from Class 6-8 and helps their parents understand the challenges they may face in making choices for their children towards their personal development and future career paths.  Previous Fellowship Programs have been held successfully in Dubai, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad.


The Fellowship aims to create an environment for reflection, planning and action to explore the dreams of the children and nurturing the same in the domain of personal and family life. 
The overall objective of the Fellowship is to engage in a process of collective learning and fun, with the children at the centre of action and the family in the backdrop as the most powerful support system, for achieving their goals.

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