Prof. K.A. Jaleel memorial Award for Best Practices in Schools

P.M. Foundation has instituted awards for schools pursuing best practices in different spheres of activity related to schools from 2017. This award is evaluated under 4 thematic areas:
1. Green Campus 2. Inclusiveness 3. Academic excellence 4. Social Commitment (initiatives taken for social welfare)
The best practices adopted by schools in creating an environment-friendly ‘Green Campus’ was evaluated for last two years.
Advertisement is published in the month of June. From the applications, schools are shortlisted by an expert committee. Thereafter, the schools are instructed to make a visual presentation before the committee.
Finally the committee visits the shortlisted schools. The top 3 institutions are given Rs. 3 lakhs, Rs.2 lakhs & Rs.1 lakh as Cash award respectively in the award ceremony.


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