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  • How to find out most suitable courses and careers ?Open or Close

    After tenth grade, stream selection starts and it becomes more intensive in the coming years.Most of the students and parents select a stream or course randomly.Students usually donot try to findout courses that are most suitable to their own talents and parents often forget to orient their children to the courses that are more suitable to their inborn strengths. If one selects courses that are most suitable would be excellent in the study.The assessment based on the Multiple Intelligences concept developed by world famous education psychologist of Harvard University ,Dr.Howard Gardner will help students to identify their natural talents and suitable courses. There is a high chance for an inspired study in those areas. Today, not general education but excellence is singularly responsible for gaining access to higher jobs. Beyond certificate and marks, companies are asking 21st century skill set. The key to excellent skillset is developing a genuine taste and vigor in the areas that are most comfortable with inborn talents. Nurturing of natural talents enables students for the original contributions in natural science , social science and technology.

  • How to find out toprated colleges in Kerala,India and the world for a particular course?Open or Close

    If we choose a better campus for a particular course ,it would be immensely benificial for the students' future studies.Ultimately best teachers and campus determines students' academic quality. The rating of colleges in areawise provides an overall idea of where an institution stands for generating quality among students. We do not try to quantify the quality each institution as it is very difficult to measure or verify the placement statistics. But in general, we will provide a consultancy for the students based on the informations available in public domain to findout toprated colleges in departmentwise in India and abroad that will help students a reasonable chance of securing good placements.

  • How to get syllabus of a particular course?Open or Close

    Students generally view the course syllabus as something that is to toss in their backpacks.They never take it seriously. But the syllabus is really a treasure trove of information that are essential for getting an insight for future studies.The subjectivity and personal inclinations in teaching will never reveal a complete or true picture of the subjects covered in the syllabus.If the students pay attention to the syllabus before selecting a course ,they can decide easily whether the corse is really suitable for them. That will partly guarantee their succses and can avoid wasting money,time and effort. Moreover, if the students study the syllabus of selected course , they can easily pickup the clues like what this course is really going to be about, How tough the professor is going to be, What the structure of the class will be, What’s going to be on the tests, How much the tests and papers are really going to count, Whether you really need to do the reading or working in the field,Where you can find key resources to help you in the course,Whether you’re going to have to perform, Whether you’re up to taking this course and ultimately the crucial clue to your destiny that whether this really is the right course for you.

  • Project Genius: How to get admission in toprated universities of the world like MIT and Harvard?Open or Close

    If the student or parents have a dream , then tell about it to us. We will conduct research on that particular area and will give you the expert opinions , directions, options , latest updates, study materials, facilitating add on courses, setting up syllabus, study materials, University validation etc. Ultimately you will be facilitated in getting admission in the top rated universities of the world like Oxford ,Harvard or MIT !

  • How to Be An Excellent Student Scientist?Open or Close

    In this training program, effective new learning tools and techniques will be discussed that would enhance the research skills of students even from highschool days onwards. They can be student scientists in any areas of knowledge at their choice in school days. Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment has launched a special program with financial aid called Scheme for Promoting Young Talents in Science (SPYTiS) for promoting original projects in schools. Students from 8th to 12th will be selected every year for doing a science project under SPYTiS-I and undergraduates can do the same under SPYTiS-11. The offered financial aid is Rs.5000/= for SPYTiS 1 and Rs.10000/= for SPYTiS 11 for one year. We can train the interested students for achieving this prestigious prize initiated by Kerala Government. We will also aim to get an entry in to the global young scientist competitions organizing by corporations like Hewlett Packard , Google , Intel etc. having a prize money up to one lakh dollar. We will also train students for becoming a mathematical genius and can participate in the offered contest of Clay Mathematical Institute of USA for their millenium problems solution having a prize of one million dollar!

  • Beyond Doctor-EngineerOpen or Close

    Becoming of either doctor or engineer is now outdated and coming into a level of saturation particularly in Kerala. We would help students go beyond mere doctor-engineer concept but to be the original contributors in newly emerging medical sciences and engineering technology in future . More over they can be intensively oriented to the areas of Medical sciences where patient-doctor ratio is very high .For example in the area of Oncology.Official data show there are only about 1,000 trained oncologists in the country and the ratio of oncologists to cancer patients is about 1:2,000. By comparison, the US has an estimated 12,500 oncologists to treat about 1.4 million patients diagnosed with cancer - a ratio of about 1:100. (Business Standard May 24, 2014).Medical aspirants can be directed to these rare and newly emerging areas of medical sciences.So far engineering aspirants also.

  • Personal Digital Library for StudentsOpen or Close

    After the goal setting of students in course and careers, we will help to built up a personal digital library for students who are following their own dreams in various fields in the future academic years.The content of the library would be in accordance with their future course and carrier path and having up to date and advanced materials for years to come up to post-doctoral studies. The project aims to create a digital personal library having a lifelong utility for academicians which consist of searchable collection of books, primarily in English language. The last two decades of research findings unambiguously proved the connection between teacher quality and student learning. ‘What Matters Most: Teaching for America’s Future’ , the influential report of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, made teaching the core of its “three simple premises” in its blueprint for reforming the nation’s schools. They are: • What teachers know and can do is the most important influence on what students learn. • Recruiting, preparing, and retaining good teachers is the central strategy for improving our schools. • School reform cannot succeed unless it focuses on creating the conditions under which teachers can teach and teach well. In an era of information explosion, teachers must be updated in their field of expertise. It seems futile to worry about knowledge scarcity in an age of information. But the key issue is how to gather high quality and relevant information for teaching a particular topic or doing a particular project out of both rich and junk materials. We do this vital task of knowledge management by providing customized source materials for all academicians in schools/colleges in accordance with their own specifications. This will enable them to familiar with EMERGING AREAS OF RESEARCH AND STANDARD SOURCE MATERIALS for furthering their own future needs like M Phil, PhD or Post-Doctoral research. This will surely facilitate the preparation of TOPICS, SYNOPSIS AND RESEARCH PAPERS for national or international seminars and for publishing in peer-reviewed journals. The collection would help to ensure that academicians are equipped with globally standard research materials on a particular project. So, much time, money and effort will not be wasted in struggling to free from substandard and misconceived information. Because of copyright constraints, librarians are not able to incorporate copyrighted books of major university press's in the already existing digital libraries in India. This hurdle can be blown-away by installing personal digital libraries ( ONLY a Personal Computer needed) by subscribing and downloading books from payable Digital Library sites (The subscription of such sites are nominal and only for individuals , not for institutions).

  • How to Manage Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities?Open or Close

    Learning difficulties and learning disabilities are entirely different problems. Learning difficulties are mainly the result of the lack of inspiration,self-esteem,self-confidence ,effective method of teaching ,effective method of learning etc.Symptoms of both can be appeared among the students by which their future of learning becomes a nightmare. Learning disability symptoms can appear as a child's inability to learn specific skills, fear of or avoidance of academic tasks, low self-esteem, moodiness, and behavior problems.These led to a severe weakness in ability of reading, writing or mathmatical excercise.A learning disability is not a deficit in general intellectual capacity.If you suspect a learning difficulty or disability, it is important to know what are the root causes .By the early detection of these problems and its remedial measures , your child can build a strong sense of self-confidence and a solid foundation for lifelong success.

  • How to manage Gifted Students?Open or Close

    Some of the children are highly intelligent and creative. Present day education style and parenting will not satisfy their high ambitions and curiocity.Teachers and parents are struggling to manage their problems of unsatisfaction.Has your gifted child been struggling with some social, emotional, or academic issues ? Giftedness comes with a surprising set of problems, ranging from perfectionism and competitiveness to public relation issues. Learn about these common challenges and some steps you can take to manage them and help your child thrive.Being gifted academically can make children feel different from their peers and may even lead to the child being bullied and becoming depressed. Studies have shown that the more intellectually gifted a child is, the greater the risk of social difficulties and unhappiness. We can builtup a support system for solving many of these problems and can lead them in to wonderful results.


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