Services Offered

The main objective of PM Foundation is to encourage educational excellence in academic performance among needy and meritorious students by providing critical support, counselling, and academic opportunities to pursue their higher education.

Doyens Dais


A platform of regional leaders and opinion makers from various walks of life by which the project may benefit from their rich experience. It ensures higher visibility, credibility and acceptability for the foundation. It also provides cooperation from the public for the successful operation of the project. A meaningful dialogue on the appropriate themes can be organized.


E- Resource Centre


The PMNCSAR  E-RESOURCE CENTRE will cater the lifelong utility of digital source materials for students, teachers, academicians, administrators, community leaders, and policy makers and consists of searchable collection of digital source materials primarily in English language and with digital materials in French, German etc. The result will be the collection, documentation, reservation, distribution and utilization of archived information and the facilitation of generation of new knowledge in the emerging areas of human resource management.  The result would be the optimum utilization of schemes and projects of various governmental and corporate bodies for the uplift of the society in general and the backward and minority classes in particular, through innovative initiation and implementation.


Interactive Website


The current information about educational funding schemes of the governmental, non-governmental and corporates will be provided in the website. There are a number of academic programs as well as skill development schemes available now.  Moreover information about Courses, Entrance Examinations, Colleges, Universities, Admission Notifications, Coaching Centres, Scholarships, Course Counselling, Career Selections and Online Consultation etc. in India and abroad will be incorporated in this interactive website.


Academic Council 


Academic Council, consists of experts from different areas of studies, is a source of specialized input and opinion which is required for a scientific evaluation of any issues. Generally, the experts are engaged in debates and discussions to sort out the complexities and ambiguities based on various fields of expertise to find out best possible courses of action and make recommendations. This process can be activated either by online or offline at different stages of an evaluation.  


Policy & Position Papers


PMNCSAR organizes regular dialogs and seminars, in which scholars present their policy and position papers .We expect that this will shed much light on recent trends in educational thinking and social engineering. The audience mainly comprises of the key personalities associated with NGOs will get an added advantage in furthering their vision and mission. They can provide an intellectual feedback also .


HR Training & Workshops 


Educators, Parents, Teachers and Community Leaders usually share a common goal—they want to uplift students and young people. PMNCSAR trainers can facilitate that goal by imparting training and professional development. We are planning two types of workshops. One ,Open Enrolments Workshops which bring together individuals and teams from multiple organizations in one location to learn from each other. Second one is to train the local trainers by the master trainers of the Nodal centre will provide valuable hands-on experience under the guidance of experts.



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